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Michael Q. Pugliese, LE, turned out to be the third- generation PRESIDENT of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, Inc. in 2006. Michael would be the son of Patti Pugliese. On five short years under Michael's leadership, the Circadia brand has grown to achieve international acceptance and distribution, largely through its vigorous support with the American esthetic industry industry events and magazines.

In typically the tradition of his grandfather, Michael's popular product-neutral scientific lectures all over are often attended simply by leaders of other professional skincare companies, already fans from the books by Dr. Pugliese. Traveling an average of 40 weeks a calendar year, Michael, at 6'7" on his trademark monogrammed scrubs, is visible as some speaker at shows all around the US, and at typically the annual esthetic events for Sydney, London, Toronto, South america City and Vancouver.
Defective pigment can be by far the most stubborn and frustrating skin disorders will not only treat, but to have with as well. Unusually high pigmentation, also known mainly because dyschromia, can be caused by a number of internal and even external factors. Sun exposure is undoubtedly the biggest external contribute to and trigger of hyperpigmentation (overproduction of melanin) along with being the main external trigger of aging. There are many cosmeceuticals accessible for decreasing hyperpigmentation including natural vitamins, botanical extracts and lightening real estate agents both natural and element. Professional treatments such while chemical peels by Osmosis Pur and lasers are used in addition to treat pigment. The best results can be obtained through combining a great diversity of skin lightening agents that should be used at home each day along with professional treatments which will treat the pigment on a deeper level.

There are many skin factors affiliated with hyperpigmentation including inflammation on the skin, a damaged screen, antioxidant depletion, scar tissue at the dermal epidermal junction and scratches to the DNA. All of those factors result in this over production and bunching involving melanocytes. While there are many methods to treat hyperpigmentation the best quality route to take would ensure the relief all skin factors that come with it. While we temporarily repress melanin we also wish to calm inflammation, restore a barrier, eliminate free radicals whenever we can restoring the antioxidant deliver, remove scar tissue along with dermal debris and repair destruction of the DNA with Zinc Finger.